COVID-19 has changed all of our lives. tng is very sensitive to the reality of this and the impact it has on our clients, their businesses and their clients. Over the past few months we have been working hard to adapt our services to accommodate our new virtual forums. We know that one day, hopefully soon, we will all be able to gather again, face-to-face, to plan and govern our organizations. In the meantime, rest assured that we’re still here to help! Stay safe.

Brad Quinn,
Founder & CEO.

Governance, Leadership and Strategy Consultants

We exist to support you. Being a leader and decision-maker is a challenge in today's complex world. We know you are smart and capable, resourceful and creative.
Sometimes it helps to seek an outside perspective in order to make the best possible decisions.

Our Work

Founded in 1994, tng specializes in providing clients with a unique blend of wise and innovative assistance. We have experience across several business and non-profit sectors. We also serve a number of provincial and national associations and government agencies.

Our collective experience is primarily with senior leaders of organizations experiencing transition through changing markets and environments, growth, amalgamation and/or consolidation.

Insatiably curious, we continually acquire, adapt and apply our knowledge and experience in the areas of organizational governance, leadership and strategy.

As our logo the Inukshuk suggests,

We are “navigators", assisting you to think, decide and act in the context of the landscape around you.

We are “map makers”, supporting you to develop the frameworks, systems and processes to enable you to succeed.

We are “guides”, providing direction, coaching and external accountability to ensure you stay on track and follow through on your commitments and achieve your goals.

Our Work

Why engage with us?

We have our own perspective as do our many clients. To view a list of our valued clients click here.

Why engage with us?
  • You need unique and specific approaches that work for you, not some rote off-the-shelf answers. We create and innovate with you to determine the answers to your challenges. This requires original thinking and flexibility. It also means that you own the results and they are sustainable for you and your organization.
  • We are real people who are vibrant and passionate about our work which means we are fully engaged with our clients. You are never sloughed off to others. You will get our senior people each time, every time.
  • There is much we don't know, however what we do know, we know deep in our bones: governance, leadership and strategy; group facilitation and coaching and above all how human beings work together and can work together, better.
  • We have extensive experience across many sectors which means you benefit from a wealth of perspectives beyond your own world.
  • We have ourselves served in many of the positions and organizational contexts you face.

Our Mission

Our purpose is supporting leaders to have significant impact on their organizations and communities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to acquire and share wisdom and innovation that can make a difference in the world.

We Value

  • Human beings
  • The power of “community”
  • Making a meaningful contribution by being in service to others
  • Working co-actively with others
  • Supporting the on-going development of others
  • Committing to our own continuous improvement

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