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Strategic Decision Making

Working with senior decision makers in organizations facing challenging and often public contexts, we have recognized that:

Strategy today requires an orientation and commitment to a way of planning that is both reflective and responsive. Uncertainty and change are the constant. Organizational leaders wanting to make a sustainable contribution in this environment must work together to:

Any strategy is simply a choice about what to do and what not to do in a given context. These choices require numerous perspectives, the development of a shared intention and discipline to execution excellence.

How we support you

How we support you.

We explore with you ways of harnessing the creative diversity of people and perspectives in strategic decision making. Using proven and flexible frameworks, tools and processes we simultaneously teach and support decision makers to work together in defining strategic options and priorities.

Specifically, what we’re good at:

  • Stakeholder assessments and engagement
  • Strategic and operational planning support
  • Governance and operational "dashboards"
  • Decision making support
  • Executive coaching
  • Retreat planning and facilitation

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