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Through our work with boards and through our experience with a wide variety of organizations across several sectors, we have recognized that:

To do this, we as individuals and senior decision makers in our organizations must begin to tackle these fundamental questions:

As individuals :

As senior decision-makers, when considering our organization:

We strongly believe that leaders can emerge throughout the population of an organization; engaging and contributing to a shared mission and sharing the load too often placed only on formal leaders.

How we support you

How we support you.

We work co-actively with boards and their senior operational leader to evolve better approaches to leadership development providing the framework systems and tools to support more sustainable leadership.

We co-actively explore with you the conditions that support the emergence of leaders from within the organization.

We provide you with perspective and supports that enable you to ensure leaders become more broadly dispersed throughout the organization. This in turn, frees formal decision makers like you to focus on your own contribution and impact.

Specifically, what we’re good at:

  • Leadership assessment and development
  • 360° multi-level feedback
  • Performance scorecards
  • Senior team development
  • Executive coaching
  • Succession and talent planning
  • Retreat planning and facilitation

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