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Supporting Good Governance

Through our work with boards of directors, executives and a wide variety of stakeholder groups we have recognized that:

Board members are responsible to their shareholders/stakeholders/members. Their primary accountabilities are in the areas of monitoring and decision making related to:

Four critical dimensions of good governance:

Supporting your Governance

How we support you.

We work co-actively with boards to evolve better approaches to governing within their unique context. We focus our attention on building and using best-practice frameworks, structures and systems to support wise decision-making and stakeholder confidence.

Specifically, what we’re good at:

  • Governance model design
  • Governance reviews
  • Board orientation and development
  • Whole board and individual board member assessment
  • Board retention and succession planning
  • Board and Committee Chair Coaching
  • Board/CEO Relationship
  • Retreat planning and facilitation

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